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Our primary objective is to promote Health and Wellbeing of our consumers while helping them reduce the risk of disease.

The products we promote have potential positive effects on Health beyond basic nutrition and are therefore known as Functional Foods.

As we are also a total Earth Friendly Entity, the products we promote are predominantly Certified Organic based. We believe that we have to protect our Earth as she is all that we will ever leave behind for our children and future generations to grow up in. That is the reason we call her Mother Earth.

It is common knowledge that buying organic is both an investment in the health and well-being of yourself and your family, as well as the environment of our blue planet. Organic farming promotes the conservation of water, soil and energy and practices sustainable methods using renewable resources.

We want our consumers to have the best variety in Organic Functional Food. Much of Sri Lankan customs and traditions revolve around food. We take a lot of pride in the meals we prepare and serve our families and friends. We have for countless years been preparing some amazing dishes that have become iconic to our culture. However, we have perhaps hit an obstacle in our potential to explore our culinary capabilities as a nation - an obstacle in the form of limited accessibility to organic ingredients. strives to provide you with the means to test new waters and explore different options when it comes to your diet and nutrition, without compromising one bit on the taste!

In our endeavours to promote health and wellbeing in our consumers, with awareness coupled with offers of a wide a variety of organic functional food products - we realized that it can be difficult to find such specialty foods in mainstream supermarkets. That is despite the wide variety of dietary restrictions and needs that many of our consumers experience. Consumers are hence often unable to properly cater for themselves due to the insufficient variety on offer. offers a range of ethically-sourced Vegan, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Nut free, Egg free and sugarless products - so that in every sense of the phrase, there really is something for everyone. Our organic products are all Australian Certified Organic and sourced from Australia. We have searched far and wide to ensure the products we endorse at are only those of the best quality.