Thomas Chipman

The story has it that young Thomas was only 15 years of age when he set off on his own from his home in New England. With a zest for adventure, he was keen to travel and explore the wider world. The year was 1823. Over the next 12 years, Thomas’ travels took him to far off places. From the ‘old world’ charm of Europe to the exotic Far East, his thirst for discovery was insatiable. He sailed the deepest seas and climbed the highest peaks. It was during one such journey through Peru, while scaling the Andes, he encountered descendants of the ancient Inca empire. Inspired by their age-old farming and cooking methods, Thomas spent several months living among the villagers, learning and perfecting these traditional skills. Some years later, he returned to his small farming community in New England and put to good use the knowledge he had acquired in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. It wasn’t long before Thomas created what he considered to be the ideal corn chip. A tasty chip made from stone ground corn using organic ingredients and cooked to perfection. Thomas’ reputation as the “chip” man soon spread, until eventually he was known simply as Thomas Chipman. Incredible as it may seem, this is the way Thomas Chipman Corn Chips are made today. Now Thomas Chipman has Australia’s largest range of certified organic and gluten-free chips.

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